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Dec. 31st, 2014 @ 03:16 pm It's a funny old world.
This time, I had imported some bookmarks from Firefox to Chrome, and it reminded me that I'd stored all my passwords for this site. I wanted to check it out.

I can't bear to read this thing, I got through two posts and was internally cringing at how emotional, raw, and vulnerable I used be in such a public place. WOW. I'm not saying that I was mistaken, or wrong to use this thing, it's a unique part of my generation, the years where a blog like this was the best way to get through to people.

As for me, I gave up journalism. It's too hard, the industry is falling apart, and I didn't get into the UW program. Now I'm studying computer networking at Seattle Central. I start my third quarter in little less than a week. I have a puppy, his name is Bonk, and I have a really nice house in Columbia City. I also have a Liv, and Bliz, but they aren't that new. I think I had them the last time I posted here.

Yeah, so. that's about it.

I'll see you next time!