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The Fat Papers

soggy bullshit

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Jeff Moore
16 June 1982

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User Number: 156146
Date Created:5/5/2001
Number of Posts: 1021

Jammin is a hero for all ages! He fights villainy and tyranny for fun and profit! He is super huge, and smart as can be! Jammin is affordable and performs at children's parties! 4 out of 5 doctors approve! Hurry up and get your Jammin today! (only 19.95 + S & H)
Strengths: Super intelligence, superior ranting ability, perpetually broken heart makes for great gossip material! Character of steel, moral fiber, Ethical to a fault.
Weaknesses: women. money. reading. cigarettes. kryptonite.
Special Skills: Roof-Jumping, Can drink you under the table, smoke three cigarettes at a time, journalist extaordinare!
Weapons: He wields a mighty pen-sword, and is impervious to physical damage. brain of steel! heart of blood! killer appetite!
Anti-Hero: You can never tell whether or not he's a good guy here to save the day, or just another angsty bitch here to whine the villains to death.

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anarchism, anarchy, anti-globalisation, anti-power, anti-sweatshop, anticorporate, arnold rimmer, astrology, awareness, bad craziness, beat poetry, books, bruce campbell, cars, cds, chain smoking, change, chaos theory, cigarettes, comic books, communities, computers, conditioning, conspiracy theories, conversation, culture jamming, cyberpunk, dark humor, death, discordia, disturbing humor, drinking, dvds, eccentricity, electronics, ethics, fear and loathing, final fantasy, firefly, flirting, freedom, geeks, genetics, girls with curves, girls with glasses, god, gonzo, gonzo journalism, gonzo writing, goth girls, graphic novels, hacking, horror, hunter s. thompson, individualism, infatuation, intelligence, jack kerouac, jameson, journalism, killing your tv, knowing the score, language, liberation, life, linguistics, literature, love, magazines, making the rules, mayhem, memes, memetics, monty python, movies, mp3s, music, neal stephenson, neil gaiman, neurolinguistics, nintendo, norwescon, offbeat science fiction, pantheism, patterns, people watching, philosophy, pink floyd, political philosophy, political ranting, political terrorism, political theory, politics, predetermination, probability alteration, protest, punk rock girls, quantum mechanics, radiohead, rain, ralph steadman, reading, really good conversations, reconditioning, red dwarf, rise of the degenerate, robert heinlein, rum, schrodinger's cat, sci-fi conventions, seattle, seedy bars, self-actualization, sleeping, smoking, snow crash, social deviance, social engineering, social reorganization, society, speculative fiction, spider jerusalem, steampunk, survival, suspension of disbelief, synchronicity, technology, theory/practice, they might be giants, things strange and unusual, tim powers, tool, transmetropolitan, videogames, viral thought patterns, vodka, walking the fucking edge, washington, weird science, weird turning pro, wenches, words, writing, zim, zombies

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